Buy or lease a Chrysler to drive for Lyft in North Carolina

These days, ride sharing services like Lyft are becoming more common. Soon when we see new movies there won’t be any scenes in a Taxi, instead they will be in a car or SUV driven by a normal person who works for a service like Lyft! Are you looking to make some extra money driving for Lyft part-time, or considering driving full time? If so then you will need a car that qualifies with the Lyft vehicle requirements. That’s where we at Performance CDJR come in! Chrysler has the perfect vehicles for Lyft drivers, and we have them right here on our lot in Clinton, North Carolina.

Why you should buy or lease a Chrysler to drive for Lyft:


The Chrysler 300 is the perfect vehicle to drive for Lyft. Why? We’re glad you asked. With a spacious 4 door interior, the 300 qualifies as a vehicle to drive for Lyft, and has a stylish interior that your passengers will love. While many drivers have to work hard to chase that 5 star rating, sit back and relax while your Chrysler 300 earns that rating for you. Your Lyft riders will appreciate the spacious interior that provides plenty of legroom for your taller passengers. Plus, the 2018 Chrysler 300 also comes with available 4G LTE wifi hotspot, which you can offer to your passengers as an added amenity. With the Chrysler 300 on your side, your riders will be asking how they can request you specifically for their next Lyft ride. 

Fuel efficiency

One of the biggest issues we hear about from people who buy or lease cars to drive for Lyft is gas mileage. In order to maximize your profits as a driver, you need a vehicle that gets good gas mileage so you can keep your costs down, and your dollars earned up. With the Chrysler 300 you won’t have that problem. The 2018 300 gets up to 30mpg on the highway, so you can stop less for gas and pick up more rides to fill that wallet. 


As stylish as it is, the Chrysler 300 won’t break the bank. Plus, check out our current Chrysler rebates and sales to see how you can save even more money when you buy or lease a Chrysler to drive for Lyft. 

Looking to save more when you buy?

Consider trading us your old car! If your current car does not qualify to drive for Lyft, you can trade it to us and use the extra money to help buy a vehicle that you can use, like the 300. We will give you a fair market price for your old vehicle, and you can use that cash to help fund your new ride. Curious what your car is worth? Come see us to have one of our experts take a look, or check out our online Trade-In Evaluation Tool. Everyone’s financial situation is different. If you need help financing your purchase, call us or contact us below to speak to one of our experts. We are here to help!

If you want to buy or lease a Chrysler, or any new or used car, to drive for Lyft, come see us. We want to help, and we will work with you to find a vehicle that you will love and that qualifies for Lyft, at a price that works for you. What’re you waiting for? Come see us on Warsaw Rd in Clinton today!


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