January 2018 Dodge Sales

Brr...it may be cold out there, but our sales are heating up in here! Right now during the Performance CJDR Start Something New Sales Event, we have New Dodge vehicles selling for HOT prices! Rams, Challengers, Chargers, all your favorite Dodge vehicles with hot sales to help warm you up this January! Call us at (888) 735-5701 or contact us below for more details, or to schedule your appointment and get warmed up with our hot January deals on your favorite Dodge vehicle!

Dodge Challenger 

Can fuel efficiency and muscle go together in one great-looking car? What about if your muscle car is smart enough to automatically deactivate four of its eight cylinders when eight aren't necessary? I would say going from a V8 engine powerhouse to a purring fuel-efficient 4 cylinder in under 10 seconds is pretty epically efficient. What if this kind of epic high-tech performance and adaptability was still contained within the classic, never needed to be changed, iconic 1970’s design? Does this sound like the muscle car you are looking for? Then the Dodge Challenger is the high-performance muscle car of your dreams, my friend. Lucky for you, we have them and it just so happens they are on sale this January here in Clinton. It sounds like a pretty good time to fulfill that dream. 

Dodge Charger

Never stand still with the legendary performance of a Dodge Charger. With a 707-HP Supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 Engine, you can tear up pavement with that throw you into your seat, hard to swallow rush that only a true muscle car can give you. Hear the roar of the engine, feel the power in your hands as you easily round curves with advanced all-wheel drive and electric power steering. Experience an outstanding ride with any of the four suspension options (touring, sport, performance, or adaptive damping). Stop on a dime with brake assist technology, anti-lock braking system, and rain brake support as well as full-speed collision warning. With tremendous torque and muscle for miles, the Dodge Charger is the muscle car you have been waiting for. Want to trade us your current car, truck, or SUV to help pay for your new Charger? Click here to get the value of your trade in

Dodge Durango 

Maybe you thought your muscle days were behind you with a family in tow, but don’t settle for the minivan just yet. Unlike any SUV out there, the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT is the fastest and most capable 3-row SUV on the roads. Able to get 0-60 MPH in 4.4 seconds in this 475 horsepower SUV, maybe there is still a little muscle left in you after all. With interior features like handcrafted leather seats and hands-free calling, performance isn’t the only perk of driving a 2018 Dodge Durango. Worried about financing? Click here to get your free credit score, powered by Equifax!

Call us at (888) 735-5701 or contact us below for more details, or to schedule your appointment during our January Start Something New Sales Event and find the Dodge that’s right for you, at a price that can't be beat!


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