January 2018 Jeep Sales

Looking to buy or lease a Jeep in 2018? Well you are in luck, as this January’s Jeep sales are some of the best you will see all year! We have big discounts on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler and 2018 Jeep Cherokee this month, as well as our other new and used Jeep models! Call us at (888) 735-5701 or contact us below for more details, or to schedule your appointment during our January Start Something New Sales Event and find the Jeep you are looking for! 

Trade in your current car, truck, or SUV and get extra money towards your Jeep purchase! No matter what your current vehicle is, let us evaluate it's value and give you an offer for your current ride that you can use to buy a better Jeep. Call us and ask about our trade in program!

Jeep Cherokee

High-tech innovations keep the Jeep Cherokee one of the most popular Jeep models. With included features such as adaptive cruise control to automatically adjust your highway speed in relation to other vehicles on the road, park assist where the system automatically offers commands on how to park in a space, and rain-sensing wipers that automatically turn on the wipers when moisture is detected on your windshield, as well as many other advanced technological features. The Jeep Cherokee is also a great family vehicle due to its many safety features such as the blind-spot notification, rear-view camera, and heated mirrors to prevent fogging on mirrors. These additional features help you make sure you are able to drive with optimal viewing in all circumstances, to keep your family safe. 

Jeep Compass

Voted the Northwest Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the year*, the 2017 Jeep Compass can go all the off-road places you want to go. Legendary traction, water-fording abilities, adapt maneuverability, structural build, and increased off-road ground-clearance, are all built with adventure in mind. The Active Drive Low 4x4 System is key for both smooth on-road traction and ideal for off-road exploring. Explore longer with lower fuel use. Stop/Start technology comes standard with the automatic transmission, to maximize fuel-efficiency. Stop/Start technology turns the engine off when the vehicle comes to a stop, then restarts the engine again when the vehicle is in motion again. Explore the Jeep Compass in all terrains with snow-mode on all 4x4 models, featuring windshield wiper de-icers, heated mirrors, and rain-sensing wipers. 

Schedule a test drive to see which Jeep is the best fit for you, and take advantage of our huge January Jeep sales going on right now! Call us at (888) 735-5701 to set up your test-drive before this sale ends!

*Compact Utility Vehicle segment at the 23rd Annual Northwest Automotive Press Association 'Mudfest'.


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