Top Reasons Chrysler Cars Fail North Carolina State Inspection

Top Reasons Chrysler Cars Fail The North Carolina State Inspection

Do you own a New or Used Chrysler vehicle? If you want to drive in North Carolina, you will need to get your car approved by the state, which means going in for a North Carolina State Inspection. Worried about whether your Chrysler might fail the state inspection? Curious about why cars fail the inspection? We have the answers for you:

  • Windshield Wiper Blade Problems

    • Are your windshield wiper blades in good condition? Do you have a difficult time seeing in the rain? If the windshield wipers on your Chrysler vehicle are in bad condition, your car could fail the North Carolina State Inspection. If your blades are torn or broken, or do not properly clean your windshield, contact us and we will get them replaced.

  • Brakes in Bad Condition

    • If you have problems with your brakes, there is a chance you could fail the North Carolina State Inspection. What counts as a problem? Common examples are your brake pads or shoes being worn, or other serious problems with the braking system. Not only could a brake problem cause you to fail the State Inspection, but it is dangerous as well.  If you have not had the brakes looked at on your Chrysler vehicle in some time, you should you should contact the service department now and set up an appointment.

  • Check Engine Light On

    • Turn your Chrysler on, but don’t start it. Is the check engine light on? Now, start the engine. Is the light still on? If so, you need to bring in your Chrysler in to us and have it serviced as soon as possible. If the check engine light is on when your Chrysler is inspected, you will fail the North Carolina State Inspection. It also could indicate more serious problems with your engine, which we will diagnose for you when you bring it in.

  • Broken Lights, Headlights or Tail Lights in Poor Condition

    • You should always be sure that the lights on your Chrysler vehicle are working correctly. Broken lights are a serious issue and a safety hazard when driving at night. Your Chrysler will fail the North Carolina State Inspection if there is a problem with the headlights or tail lights or they are not working. In addition, you could receive a traffic violation ticket if a cop sees you driving with broken lights. Come see us as soon as immediately if there is a problem with the lights on your Chrysler.

  • Tires in Bad Condition

    • When did you last change your tires? If you can’t remember, or the answer is longer than 6 months, you could have a problem. The tread depth could be 2/32nds or lower if you have not had the tires on your Chrysler serviced in a long time. If this is the case, your Chrysler will fail the North Carolina State Inspection. Experts generally recommend  that you replace your tires around 4/32nds. For reference, a brand new tire has a tread depth of around 10/32nds.

Please call us at (888)-617-1581 if you have any questions at all about the North Carolina State Inspection, if you think your car might fail the State Inspection, or if you have any service needs for your Chrysler vehicle. If you do want to have your Chrysler  looked at before it has a State Inspection, please click here to schedule a service appointment today. We will check out your Chrysler and make sure your vehicle has any needed repairs done to ensure it passes the State Inspection.


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