Can I Drive a Ram truck for Uber?

Trying to make an extra buck on the side? We don’t blame you. We all know people who drive for Uber or who use the service, and your friends are signing up, so why can’t you? With the popularity of ride sharing services now many people ask us: “Can I drive a Ram truck for Uber? The answer depends on your area, but for North Carolina the answer appears to be no. Driving for Uber is a great way to make some extra cash, but while it may seem simple to join, there are some limitations when it comes to what types of vehicles Uber will accept as an authorized model.

These include:

– Vehicle Age: This differs by city and state, so be sure to check the Uber site for your local area. Here in Clinton, a vehicle must be a model year 2002 or newer, so if you’re driving a 2001 it may be time to upgrade. (You can determine your trade-in value in just a few seconds with our Trade-In Evaluation Form.)

– All vehicles for Uber must have four doors that can open and close from both the interior and the exterior.

– All seat belts must be functional.

– All lights must be functional.

– The vehicle body should be free from damage. Your Ram 1500 have some bruises? Give our service department a call and we will take care of that for you.

We also want to note that Uber’s requirement specify that the vehicle must be a 4-door car or minivan. Unfortunately, at this time trucks are not included. This list covers the basics of Uber vehicle requirements but is subject to change. Be sure to check the Uber site for Uber vehicle requirements.

The world is changing, and ride sharing services like Uber have grown a lot in recent years. We may not be experts on Uber, but we are experts on the impressive Ram truck lineup. Whether you’re searching for a Ram 1500 in North Carolina for your personal vehicle or need a truck for heavy-duty work, the Ram family of trucks delivers. Let us help show you how the Ram lineup can fit into your life. Plus, speaking of life, if you buy a new Ram truck from us, you will receive a complimentary Powertrain Warranty for the life of your vehicle.

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