Hellephant 426 Supercharged Crate HEMI

There’s no elephant in the room here – Mopar was front and center during the 2018 SEMA Show with its brand-new HEMI engine. The “Hellephant” 426 Supercharged Mopar Crate HEMI was a show stopper thanks to its insane 1,000-horsepower rating and available 950 pound-feet of torque.

When it comes to power, Mopar does it best. We’re thrilled that Mopar partnered with Dodge to create a Super Charger concept and are excited to see where this will take the Dodge brand in the future. If you’d like to discuss Dodge power or future updates, we’re always down to talk automotive updates. Call us at 888-465-9406 or contact us below and speak with a Dodge expert to learn more about the current Dodge lineup or potential features coming in the future.

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Why the “Hellephant” Name?

The engine pays homage to the 426 Gen 2 HEMI V8 from the 1960s and 70s that was then referred to with a nickname of “Elephant” that came from its large power and size. The supercharged Gen 3 HEMI V8 “Hellcrate” engine debuted last year at the 2017 SEMA Show. Thus, the “Hellephant” is born, a combination of modern power and iconic heritage.

What Are Some Key Components of the Hellephant?

The aluminum block from the Challenger Drag Pak is race-proven and has dominated the NHRA’s Factory Stock Showdown class, making it a great base for the Hellephant. Add a 3.0-liter IHI supercharger that runs 15 PSIs of boost, valves and a valve train from the Challenger SRT Demon, high-lift camshaft, and custom-forged pistons and you get the high-output, extremely powerful Hellephant.

As a Mopar Crate Engine, the Hellephant 426 can be plugged into any street or off-road vehicle from 1976 or prior. The Engine Kit comes with an unlocked Powertrain Control Module, engine and chassis wiring harnesses, power distribution center, and electronic throttle pedal. If you need it, the Front End Accessory Drive kit includes a drive belt, alternator, and pulleys. Plus, don’t think for a second that it requires special fuel; just fill up on pump gas and enjoy your 1,000 horsepower.

Other Hellephant 426 Engine Details

Mopar and US FCA design team decided to pair up to create something special to honor the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Dodge Charger. You might remember seeing it run the San Francisco streets in “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen behind the wheel. The Hellephant 426 can be found under the hood of the Dodge Super Charger Concept that was also revealed at this year’s SEMA Show.

1968 Dodge Super Charger Concept

The 1968 Charger is one of the most iconic Dodge models of all time, so to pay homage to its 50th anniversary, designers created a concept that could accommodate the Hellephant engine and emphasize the jaw-dropping design found on the original ’68 model.

The Super Charger Concept keeps the look of the original while lengthening the wheelbase by two-inches and widens the front and rear tracks by 5 inches. A customer De Grigio gray metallic paint helps pick up the curves and lines, and a blacked out vertically slated grille hides headlamps from the 2019 Challenger. There are several other design elements that show just how custom you can make your Dodge, so if you’re ready to get started call our team at 888-465-9406 or contact us below. If you want to create a ride that’s powered by the insanely powerful Hellephant 426 Supercharged Crate HEMI, we want to help you make your dreams come to life.

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