Jeep Wrangler Breather Hose and Deep Water Snorkel

If you plan on taking your new Jeep out on the trails, sooner or later you’ll come to a body of water, and the only option is to go through it! (You could back up and turn around, but then are you really even a Jeep owner?)

Your Jeep is capable of so much, but sometimes it still needs the help of aftermarket parts. When it comes to water, you want to keep your engine nice and dry, and that’s where snorkels and hoses come into play.

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Should I Extend My Jeep’s Breather Tubes?

There are breather tubes for the front and rear of your Jeep, so if you plan on taking your crossover off road, it’s a smart idea to extend these. They relieve pressure in your transfer case and transmission, so if these lines become submerged, water will enter your Jeep’s system and cause problems. You can find tube extensions that reroute to the airbox, which will increase your vehicle’s wading depth.

Do I Need a Snorkel for My Jeep?

If you really want to explore the path less traveled, a snorkel will get you through even deeper wading situations. This will extend your air intake up to the roofline, giving you the ability to take your Jeep in deeper waters.

Can I Use a Snorkel if it Rains?

Yes! As long as you’re moving, the amount of rain that enters the top of the snorkel should not affect your engine. If you’re concerned about rain, add on a centrifuge filter to the top of the snorkel that will spin water to the sides, allowing only air into the tube and air box.

What Other Water Fording Parts Do I Need?

In addition to keeping your engine safe, you’ll also want to keep your exhaust pipes dry. We can help you understand the information around exhaust fording kits and give you the best options for your needs.

Other items include cap seals, upgraded tires, lift kits, waterproof power distribution packs, and more. Let us help you find the parts your Jeep needs!

Upgrade Your Jeep with the Performance CDJR Service Team

Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned Jeep off-roader, our team of specialists can help you get your Jeep prepped and ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Always be sure to cross bodies of water with caution, doing a walk-through of deep areas to make note of any potentially damaging debris hiding under the water. Once through, let the water drain out, check your brakes, and drain the cabin if necessary.

Wherever you roam, be sure to have a friend with you and towing supplies should your Jeep get stuck. Here’s to a new season of exploration!

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