Special Order

Special Order Your Next Vehicle from Performance CDJR & Pay ONLY 1% Over Invoice On Select Models

Special Order

Haven't been able to find what you are looking for?

With the nation-wide shortage of vehicle inventories, we understand that it may be difficult to find a new vehicle exactly the way you want it. In an effort to best serve our customers, for a limited time we are offering this great opportunity to get exactly what you want and save some money in the process.

New Vehicle Custom Orders will be priced at 1% Over Invoice Cost On Select Models

PLUS you still get any qualifying rebates at the time of delivery as well as our

Performance Peace of Mind Lifetime Powertrain Warranty!


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Special Ordering: FAQs

Q: What is a special order?

A: A special order, or factory order, happens when a client orders a specific vehicle with the color and options they want. Typically, the client will configure the vehicle with the exact features desired and then place the order directly with the dealership. You cannot special order a car directly from most major car manufacturers.

Q:What are the benefits of a special order?

A:There are several reasons why special ordering can be a great option.

  • You don't want to pay for features you won't use
  • You want the vehicle configured a specific way
  • You want a vehicle that has little to no inventory available

Q: How much can special ordering a car save?

A:Right now if you special order Select Models though Performance CDJR you will get your new vehicle at 1% over invoice cost. Additionally, as discussed above, ordering avoids paying extra for unwanted features which can add up to even greater savings. You will also be able to take advantage of any factory rebates and incentives available at the time of delivery.

Q: How long does a special order usually take?

A: Special ordering takes longer than buying a vehicle off the lot-typically around 6 to 8 weeks for most models, however some trim levels and low volume colors could take longer.

Q: How do I decide what I want?

A: Many manufacturers' websites are designed to make the ordering process simple. They offer interactive features that allow you to compare and contrast colors and options so that you can visualize the vehicle and determine exactly what you want. All you need to do is schedule a VIP appointment for a free consultation with a member of our team. We can do a want and need assessment to make sure you get all of the right options.

Q: Can I still negotiate on the price of the vehicle?

A:With our 1% Over Invoice Pricing on Select Model special orders, we took the need to negotiate out of the mix. All you have focus on is getting the best value for your money.

Q: Can I take advantage of current incentives?

A: You will be able to take advantage of any rates and incentives available at the time of delivery.

Q: How much money does it cost to place the order?

A: Special ordering some models may require a deposit. This deposit is typically refundable if the client decides not to put money down and finance the balance of the vehicle. The deposit could also go to lower your balance as part of a down payment as well.

Q: What happens if I change my mind?

A: You can change your mind at any time until the vehicle has been built. If you decide not to pick up the vehicle and sign the final paperwork the original order deposit will go against the cost of stocking in the vehicle to dealer inventory. If you have put down a fully refundable deposit, this should be returned to you.

Q: What if I need a new car immediately?

A: If you need a new car immediately, special ordering is probably not your best option. If the car you want is not available, you will need to compromise on color and options, or look at cars that have similar features that will meet your needs. You can view our new vehicle inventory here.

Q: How do I place a special order?

A: You will need to come into Performance CDJR to complete your special order. If you have the flexibility on your timing or can start the process in advance of when you need your new car, special ordering can be a fantastic way to get your new vehicle configured exactly how you want it. Whether you're considering a special order or a vehicle that's readily available, Performance CDJR can get a great deal on exactly what you want.